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Silicone Food Box

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Silicone food box mainly function is food storage, so many consumers pay attention to the silicone food box safety and hygiene. Silicone food box is also called silicone lunch box, silicone dinner box, silicone bento box or silicone lunch container. I may say, each household needs silicone food box, no matter used for bringing the food outside or storage food at home, silicone food box become necessary product in our daily life.


Silicone food box made of food grade standard silica gel material, have good feature of the silica gel material. You may not feel strangeness about the feature of silica gel material, it has been used in various industry. Resistant extremely temperature, environment friendly, anti-skidding, anti oxidize, east to clean up, durable and no harm for human health. That is why silicone food box become so popular around the world.


Chose the good quality silicone food box which have to pass the food grade standard is very important. Bad quality silicone food box may not reach the food grade standard and not pass the severe test.


Silicone Food Box 

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